Midwinter at Mawson

Midwinters MenuStart off with a large portion of the Past, add a good pinch of the Present and just a dash of the Future. Welcome to my midwinter menus.

From Classroom Antarctica:

“One of the biggest events in the Antarctic calendar is Midwinter, around 21 June, which celebrates the halfway point in the long polar night.

It is a tradition that goes back to the earliest Antarctic expeditions and is celebrated with a special midwinter dinner featuring an elaborate menu, followed by performances and often a fancy dress party. Read the rest of this entry »

J’s Nine with wine Geoff ‘Fossil’ Brealey

Geoff 'Fossil' BrealeyThis week’s interview takes place on Bechervaise Island. Roughly 3kms from station, Beche is used by Adelie penguins as a rookery and by AAD scientists in summer to monitor these cute little fellas. Consisting of two red smarties*, a white apple* and an orange shipping container, this little island also has views back to Mawson station and out to the iceberg dotted horizon. Inside one of the smarties Cliff, Geoff and I settle in for a little deserved R&R. Over a bottle of Rawson’s cab/sav 2010, the first part of our interview takes place.

Geoff is always up for a chat and has many interesting insights on an array of different subjects. Read the rest of this entry »

Flourless Pancakes For Morning Tea?

Flourless banana pancakes

It’s been a while since the last blog entry in this form. To bring you up to speed with a short version, here we go. The Days are getting very short now. We are lucky to spot the sun above the horizon before 11am, and by 2pm it has well and truly set. So the days are shorter on the outside……………….on the inside? Well its life as usual . For me in the kitchen its work, work and some more glorious work. As I’ve said before, I love doing my job. Baking fresh breads everyday, experimenting with different sweet recipes for morning tea and finding 3 interesting mains for dinner each night.

Also over the past month I’ve gotten out into the field a few times, each to Auster Rookery. The days are also getting colder Read the rest of this entry »

J’s Nine with Wine

J's Nine with PeteThis week at Mawson: 24 May 2013

J’s nine with wine featuring Pete (Petel) Layt

It’s a cool night outside, the stars are shining and a waxing gibbous moon illuminates the nearby ice cliffs. Again the wine remains on a shelf in the bar as Pete hands me a James Squire Golden Ale (top-shelf according to our interviewee). We conduct the interview in the dog room, surrounded by guitars. I move three of Cookie’s instruments and recline in the plush leather chair. Pete looks at me like ‘come on man, I’m ready to talk’. Alright – pen poised and feet on table we begin. Read the rest of this entry »

67° 23′ 46.0″ S, 63° 57′ 02.5″ E

Show his best side - Auster RookeryMake it to these co-ordinates and you may just be lucky enough to see an emperor penguin, maybe up to as many as 11000, it all depends on the time of year. One of the highlights of Mawson station is its proximity to emperor penguin colonies. Auster and Taylor rookerys are just a stone’s throw away from our home.

The sea ice was opened up a few weeks ago to recreational travel on quad bikes (minimum ice thickness of 400mm). Cookie and a few guys set out last weekend to make their way to Macey hut, then on to Auster rookery some 58kms away. Read the rest of this entry »

J’s Nine With Trent

J's Nine with TrentJ’s nine

This week at Mawson: 17 May 2013

Trent “Trent”

It’s another beautiful Mawson Monday. Blowing snow at 55knots, minus 12C and the sun appears as a faint hue inside the turmoil of the swirling winds. We have our little chat in front of a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle that Trent has been working on over the past few weeks. Just to the side of us is a rarely used fusball table and some magazines sprawled out on the remainder of the sofa. Read the rest of this entry »

Aurora Forecasting

Aurora Forecasting


The link we use for our aurora forecasting etc…

Aurora Forecast

As The Clouds Cleared

My pulk and IAs the clouds cleared so too did my mind. It was a long blustery slog in April. With the low temperatures waking me up at Rumdoodle, and blowing snow forcing all but the essential work to be done inside here on station.  I didn’t realise the need for a break until I was a couple of hours into my latest excursion. John, Keldyn and myself enjoyed a much needed break from the station, by pulling pulks across the ice and soaking up the suns fragile rays. As much as we love our jobs, the need for recreation is strong. Read the rest of this entry »

J’s Nine with Chris (Pepe)

Pepe playing poolJ’s Nine with Chris (Pepe)

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This week at Mawson: 10 May 2013

This week we find ourselves conversing with a comms tech over a game of pool, glass of red and a lot of content worthy of editing. Both a merlot and a cab sav were brought along by Pepe, with an option to try either. So it was that the cork was popped (unscrewed) on a Brown Brothers Merlot, 2008, smooth and tasty – as easy as drinking a glass of water. Read the rest of this entry »

J’s Nine with Keldyn

As featured weekly in ‘this Week at Mawson’, here is a link to the AAD website where Justin’s interviews can be read.  This week over coffee rather than wine….

J’s Nine with Keldyn – a sparkling interview incorporating a game of darts.

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